Are you a Coeliac or Non-Coeliac Gluten Intolerant?


Are you on a gluten-free diet?

Are you responsible for the preparation of gluten-free meals?
Do you know someone, a family member or a friend, on a gluten-free diet?
Do you run a catering business or manage a café and an increasing number of your customers are requesting gluten-free food?


Gorgeous Gluten Free is an information and support site for all those who eat, prepare or are interested in the gluten-free diet.

The overriding aim is to provide expert assistance for individuals and professionals who are struggling to understand the diet, those unsure how to adapt recipes and source ingredients and for others seeking practical ways to manage the day-to-day challenges the gluten-free diet can create for the home kitchen and for hospitality and food services.


Carole Hofflin can also provide solutions for health-care professionals requiring helpful adjuncts to their patient services.


Please explore the site to learn more...

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