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Do you: understand what gluten-free food is, know what foods contain gluten, struggle to find palatable recipes, need help with the gluten-free pantry, need ways to make your shopping more cost effective, need help understanding labels, want alternative gluten-free ingredient suppliers, need new meal ideas, need advice for gluten-free entertaining, lack the confidence to experiment with recipes or just want support and encouragement as you navigate your way through the gluten-free maze? Consultations are tailored around the gluten-free requirements of the individual or group but they can include: education, label interpretation, ingredient identification, shopping tours, recipe service, cooking classes and more...  At last, practical advice for the gluten-free kitchen!


Hospitality Industry

Carole Hofflin is available to consult with professionals within the hospitality industry to help in the understanding and updating of information regarding food allergies and intolerances.
She can also advise on strategies to achieve workable, cost effective and efficient ways to cope with food intolerances and allergies, to provide improved customer service.


General Practice

Carole Hofflin is available to consult with health-care professionals to develop relevant adjuncts for practitioners and practical support for their clients.


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