About Carole

Carole Hofflin Carole Hofflin is a prominent author of several books about the gluten-free diet; she is gluten intolerant herself and has followed the diet for many years and understands the challenges it can present. Carole has combined her passion for cooking with a professional Nursing interest in Coeliac Disease and food intolerances to produce cookbooks that have helped many people in their pursuit of tasty gluten-free food. She currently works with the Hospitality Industry formulating solutions to the challenges of working with dietary restrictions.


Carole enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and especially relishes the challenge of adapting old favourites to make them gluten-free. She has successfully adapted many traditional European recipes. Carole is passionate about great tasting gluten-free food and believes you should never have to apologise for a gluten-free meal; it should be of a high standard that everyone can enjoy it, not just the gluten intolerant. Carole also teaches home cooks how to manage the diet, including recipe adaptation and development, ingredient shopping, label reading and much more.


With her best-selling book, Is it gluten-free? An A-Z of things gluten-free, she has exposed the gluten-free world to the broader community by recognising that a gluten-free diet affects many more than just the individual and their immediate family. Carole’s dream is to one day see gluten-free food available everywhere. With the increased incidence of Coeliac Disease and Non-Coeliac Gluten Intolerance in western societies she believes this is not unreasonable, it’s absolutely necessary!

Carole is based in Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

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